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I've spent hundreds of dollars buying almost every book about losing stomach fat and getting abs ever published to discover which ones actually work. I wanted to identify exactly which books contained the exact information that could allow you to lose the most amount of belly fat (and keep it off to get abs!) in the shortest period of time. I read and analyzed each one from cover to cover!

The products in this review are the only ones I recommend as I know for certain they contain the correct information that will make you see results fast! If you come across any other guides advertised on the internet, I'm warning you now - purchase them at your own risk !! The no.1 product I recommend is Truth About Abs. It's definitely the best guide for losing fat and getting defined abs on the internet by a very large margin and if you read the review below, you'll see why...

The Only Fat Loss / Six-Pack Abs Products I Recommend Are:


Company: Truth About Abs                                                                                   Website:www.TruthAboutAbs.com                                                                               Rank: #1                                                                                                                   Cost: $39.95 Get 50% OFF By Clicking Any Link On This Site Only             Guarantee: 8-Week 100% Money Back 

Description:  Truth About Abs is the best program I've ever seen that shows you step-by-step how to quickly and easily lose fat and obtain six pack abs.


Truth About Abs isn't all about doing intense crunches and sit-ups to get flat abs, instead the system focuses on more of a total body workout that targets your mid section.

Truth About Abs teaches you exactly what to eat to lose belly fat and get six pack abs, quick!   Your habits to this point is the reason why you have excess belly fat, Truth About Abs shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to turn this behavior around and achieve a flat, firm stomach.

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A final word of warning... If you do want lose fat fast and get six pack abs but don't have 'Truth About Abs', you are losing out.... be prepared for a long, depressing journey trying to work out how to lose fat and keep it off for good - and keep your fingers crossed that you don't injure yourself in the process with useless crunches and damaging sit-ups! Just don't say I didn't warn you. Go to TruthAboutAbs.com now!

Company: How To Get Six Pack Abs
Website: www.HowToGetSixPackAbs.com
Rank: #2
Cost: $39.95
Guarantee: 8-Week 100% Money Back                                                  Description:
How To Get Six Pack Abs focuses on giving you a total body fat formula.    The creator shows you step-by-step how to get rid of stubborn belly fat. that covers your abdominal section.  How To Get Six Pack Abs will also show you how to turn any of your favorite meals into a fat burning food.

How To Get Six Pack Abs has helped many dieters, athletes, and normal people lose fat and achieve six pack abs.  The only reason we ranked this program #2 is that Truth About Abs  has more positive customer feedback, results, and overall more accurate and updated material. 

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Company: Flatten Your Abs                                                                                 Website:www.FlattenYourAbs.net                                                                             Rank: #3                                                                                                                   Cost: $39.95                                                                                                Guarantee: 8-Week 100% Money Back                                                                      Description:  Firm & Flatten Your Abs focuses on giving you as many workout programs and ab exercises as possible to help your get a six-pack. The problem with Firm & Flatten Your Abs is that it's really made for a seasoned body builder, not the average person trying to lose excess belly fat and work on getting abs.

Firm & Flatten Your Abs will give you target exercises for every muscle in your stomach.   We ranked this package #3 because we believe it is a great package of exercises, but for the average person it's not going to give you everything you need to lose fat and give you a flat, firm, and a six-pack stomach.

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